Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy produced from renewable sources which can be replenished naturally. Using our expertise in engineering technology, we provide renewable energy solutions to contribute to the movement for a greener Earth and sustainable development for an ever-growing population.

Power Generation

The engineers of Q2 have more than 30 years of experience in cogeneration of heat and power. Our experience covers planning and consultancy projects with tender preparation and contract management, as well as implementation of turnkey contracts. The fuel for the plants has been natural gas, biogas, sludge gas and landfill gas. In all cases the plants have been tailored to the actual situation.

Q2 has experience with various make of gas engines and has successfully installed and commissioned gas engines for power generation purposes. These include projects registered under the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) schemes which sells power generated to the national grid.

CO2 Plant

CO2 is a natural by-product of any biogas plant and can actually be recycled as CO2 is of use in certain industries such as carbonated beverages. When a biogas plant converts waste into biogas, 60% of organic material becomes energy while the remaining 40% becomes CO2. These CO2 produced are typically released into the atmosphere as it is difficult to use the excess CO2.

CO2 is widely known to be the main contributor to the greenhouse effect and it is of the public interest to not only decrease its emissions, but also to remove the excess from the atmosphere. Though its effect is weak compared to methane, it is a very stable gas and does not breakdown easily in the atmosphere.

A CO2 plant can purify and condense the excess CO2 from biogas plant. By doing so, CO2 emissions can be reduced, at the same time decrease demand for production using fossil energy. Much research has been conducted into the purification of CO2 from biogas plant. Hence, high quality CO2 is produced through the purification process, which can be used in food production, dry ice and welding.

Engineers at Q2 are some of the pioneers at building CO2 plant. The team is able to make forecast and feasibility studies and have successfully implemented complete CO2 plants with biogas plants.